About Day-Studios

Day-Studios is a boutique firm creating contemporary designs that demonstrate purpose, precision and beauty. After studying at Pratt Institute in New York, Day-Studio’s lead designer, Jeff Day, spent over a decade in product design.  Productive and satisfying work realized Jeff 3 patents but he saw more. A little time and energy later and Day-Studios was born.  Day-Studios strikes a balance of cerebral and creative play in precise modern forms. Our inspiration is a clear mind and a constant re-visualization— Everyday objects re-balanced.

Process & Materials

Balance, interest and execution.

Designers have a responsibility to respect the world we all live in.  We play a part in what materials are used and the process in how they are manufactured.  It’s a small part of much larger picture and I feel designers are doing their part.    

Day-Studios strive to create partnerships with companies, we are always fascinated by how others accomplish designs or manufacturing.  We learn what they do well and how best to translate that skill into real world application.

  • Custom cast aluminum - We keep it local with the area's best artisans insuring quality and enduring hand-crafted designs.
  • Precision fabrication - From imagination to reality, precision routing brings balance and creative designs to your home.
  • Hand rubbed finishes - Our hand rubbed oil finish penetrates the wood and brings out it's natural beauty and a lustrous sheen.   We apply oils in three applications to all our work creating a long lasting, durable finish

Take a look in the shop and we're sure you'll find something that fits your style.  And here's a PDF of our 2016 offerings.